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Every episode of The Age of Napoleon is the product of hours of research, writing, and editing. There are costs as well, mostly hosting and books. Unfortunately, as a broke college student, I cannot afford to maintain that effort and bear those costs unless the show produces revenue. I strongly believe in bringing this history to as wide an audience as possible, regardless of ability to pay. That mission precludes a subscriber model, so I am relying on donations to keep the show viable. I feel confident putting my faith in Age of Napoleon listeners: you guys haven't let me down yet!


Recurring donations make my life a lot easier. They provide certainty and offset monthly costs. As a thank-you to monthly donors, anyone who pledges $2 or more gets access to some special perks.

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If you're not in a position to commit to something monthly or just feel like sending me a tip, one-time donations are very much appreciated.

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