The Age of Napoleon is a labor of love, but producing it requires time and money. I'd like to defray those costs without asking too much from listeners, so I'm seeking partnerships with any businesses who have a product or service listeners might find interesting.

what you get

Sponsors will have access to a large and rapidly-growing listener base. As of June, 2017, the podcast has been played over 47,000 times. At 90 days since the launch of episode one, The Age of Napoleon is already among the top 10% most-downloaded podcasts. The show also has a wide reach on social media, with around 25,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. Pre-roll, mid-roll, and outro slots are available, rates subject to negotiation.

What I'm looking for

I'm not interested in advertising purely on commission or bartering, sorry. Legitimate products and services only-- I'm not going to expose the listeners to anything predatory or dishonest. All other offers are welcome.

Most importantly, I'd like to work with people who are excited about what they do and eager to share it with a fantastic audience.

Get in touch at if you're interested.